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Winemaker Magazine

Winemaker Magazine

Magazine Description: Winemaker Magazine

Winemaker is the largest circulation magazine that is geared towards readers with an avid interest in creating great wines in their own backyard, reaching over 100,000 readers every issue.

The magazine offers expert advice and techniques applicable to all levels of wine makers, from beginners to professionals.

Every issue of Winemaker magazine includes award-winning recipes and regular columns on how to make world-class wine.

Winemaker can be enjoyed and put to use by people living in all different climates and regions, as you can choose between information on wine kits, concentrates, juices, non-grape fruits or fresh grapes.

Refine your pallet with this fun and educational magazine.

Publisher: Battenkill Communications, LLP

Genre: Do-It-Yourself

Number of Magazine Issues: 6

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