Unique Homes (12 Issues)

Unique Homes Magazine

Unique Homes Magazine

Magazine Description: Unique Homes Magazine

Dazzling, breathtaking innovations in home design come to life in this guide to one-of-a-kind luxury dwellings.

Unique Homes takes you on a virtual tour of elegant and unusual homes and exclusive real estate properties.

If you are looking to buy or sell a luxurious home, Unique Homes has everything you need! Our magazine connects luxury professionals with buyers and sellers around the world.

In every issues you will find information about real estate agents, services as well as special features about communities and houses.

Learn about the most rare properties that are for sale around the world, the difference between gimmicks and quality amenities, celebrity real estate and much more!

Publisher: duPont Publishing, Inc.

Genre: Art and Design

Number of Magazine Issues: 12

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