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National Review Magazine

National Review Magazine

Magazine Description: National Review Magazine

Founded by William F.

Buckley, Jr., National Review has been the primary source of information for the American Conservative since 1955.

This biweekly publication provides respected and valuable reporting and opinion on politics, the economy, and general current events from a right-wing perspective.

National Review offers articles with unmistakable style and guaranteed quality, which have been steady and reliable for over fifty years.

Every issue also includes commentary on popular culture, such as current TV, movie, and book reviews.

National Review is the frontrunner of conservative belief, reflection, and philosophy due to its consistently keen attention to accuracy of detail.

The magazine is self-described as, “America’s most widely read and influential magazine for Republican/Conservative news, commentary, and opinion.”

Publisher: National Review

Genre: Books and Reading

Number of Magazine Issues: 24

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