Horse & Rider (8 Issues)

Horse and Rider Magazine

Horse and Rider Magazine

Magazine Description: Horse and Rider Magazine

With training secrets and lessons from world-class horsemen, Horse & Rider gives you an insider’s look at the exciting world of western horseback riding.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, Horse & Rider provides you with essential exercises that will enhance your riding skills and get you ready for events and competitions.

Each issue is filled with bright photographs and detailed, easy-to-follow training instructions and tips.

The magazine’s action-packed stories and inspirational profiles of other riders will spark your interest and get you motivated to ride and hone your abilities.

Get the scoop on the latest riding news, find the best trails across the country, and discover fun riding Web sites, books and movies.

No matter your level of involvement in the riding world, Horse & Rider stands as one of the world’s best resources for information on western horse breeding, training and grooming.

Even the most experienced horse riders are sure to learn something new and valuable with each issue of Horse & Rider.

Publisher: Equine Network, LLC

Genre: Animal and Pet

Number of Magazine Issues: 8

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