Find & Circle Jumbo (13 Issues)

Find and Circle Jumbo Magazine

Find and Circle Jumbo Magazine

Magazine Description: Find and Circle Jumbo Magazine

Find & Circle Jumbo is a jackpot of fun-filled word finds for the ultimate puzzle fanatic! This jumbo publication of word-finds provides hours upon hours of gaming excitement and puzzling pleasures.

Find & Circle Jumbo covers a wide variety of puzzle topics that are guaranteed to amuse and keep readers searching on their toes.

With the abundance of word-finds offered in every issue of Find & Circle Jumbo, you can even spare some fun to share with your favorite friends and family.

All of the puzzles in the publication are presented in a reader-friendly format and in easy-to-read font, for word-finders of all ages.

Each issue of Find & Circle Jumbo is sure to keep you busy and satisfied until the next copy arrives.

Publisher: Kappa Publishing Group

Genre: Crossword Puzzles

Number of Magazine Issues: 13

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