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Coinage Magazine

Coinage Magazine

Magazine Description: Coinage Magazine

Since 1964, COINage has been a leading name in numismatic publications.

As niche publication for the coin enthusiast, We offer a fresh perspective of numismatics for the experienced coin collector and an introduction to key concepts for the novice.

Our goal is to provide informative and entertaining articles for these audiences and to attract new people to the hobby.

Each monthly issue is filled with stories about current events, as well as historical pieces about the people, places and events associated with COINage.

We also feature insights from the hobby’s leading authorities, beautiful color illustrations and an updated price guide.

Editorial focuses on collecting and investing in US gold, silver, paper money & ancients.

Also makes a great gift!

Publisher: EG Media Investments LLC

Genre: Coin Collecting

Number of Magazine Issues: 12

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