5280 Magazine (12 Issues)

5280 Magazine

5280 Magazine

Magazine Description: 5280 Magazine

Denver’s 5280 Magazine is the award winning guide to culture, local issues, dining, arts, entertainment, and living well in the Mile High City.

Named for the elevation of the mile-high city, 5280 is the largest local magazine in Colorado.

Each issue is packed with restaurant reviews, event details, regional news coverage and more.

5280 Magazine combines gorgeous photography and graphic design with top-notch journalism featured in its intriguing articles.

Regular writers and commentators define the voice of Denver, which is most commonly noted as eclectic, cultured and unique.

With profiles of prominent Denver businesses and people, 5280 Magazine makes sure that you are in the know when it comes to the city’s personalities and entertainment offerings.

Publisher: 5280 Publishing, Inc.

Genre: Colorado

Number of Magazine Issues: 12

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